1. Shared Decision Making
  2. Sustained Relationships
  3. Interprofessional Collaboration
  4. Primary Health Education
  5. Performance Improvement


The Boise Veterans Affairs Medical Center was one of five hospitals nationwide selected in 2010 to improve primary care education in the United States. A total of thirty-seven VA teaching hospitals competed for the grant. As part of Veterans Affairs' New Models of Care initiative, the Centers of Excellence in Primary Care Education will utilize VA primary care settings to develop and test innovative approaches to prepare physicians, nurses, and associated health trainees for primary care practice in the 21st Century.

The Center aims to speed development of the Medical Home Model, known within the VA as the Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT). The medical home model is the future of primary care medicine. Policy leaders around the nation recognize that innovation in primary care is a key to improving quality of the U.S. healthcare system. In Boise, we are integrating multidisciplinary trainees in our ambulatory clinic while teaching longitudinal patient care. This effort is supported by the use of registries, virtual clinics, and secure messaging. Trainees begin collaborating during the Primary Care Seminars and Curriculum of Inquiry.

Our Mission

We provide high-quality Veteran care by bridging professions, challenging norms, and inspiring future
healthcare leaders.


About Us

Create novel teaching strategies to improve team-based care
  • Provide multiple work-place learning experiences based on primary care for our trainees to learn each other’s roles and to develop trust
  • Develop leaders to guide the future of healthcare
  • Generate curiosity and empower trainees to positively impact the healthcare by completing authentic quality improvement projects
  • Support high-quality clinical teaching and supervision through ongoing interprofessional faculty development
  • Embrace and leverage technology to improve Veterans’ access to collaborative team-based care
  • Advocate for systems change in primary care
  • Create sustainable interprofessional practice innovations