Evaluation Information


All participants in BaCHE are required to obtain 6 faculty evaluation forms before June of 2016. These can be for small group, large group, or feedback situations. You can request within your group, or send out a request to the entire BaCHE participants [TIM-QUICK MAIL LINK FOR ENTIRE DISTRO LIST]. Look for opportunities to present in your own professions teaching sessions; also, there are interprofessional lectures as part of the Center of Excellence’s Wednesday Noon Ambulatory Conference (contact Bill Weppner, Amber Fisher or India King for more information).

For EVERY observation, please print out & complete the Interprofessional Faculty Observation form during the talk and return to Bill Weppner at MSO Box 111.

And print out ONE of these for each type of teaching scenario observed (Please use the appropriate form for the observed teaching event & share with the person presenting after the talk; they will collect as part of their portfolio).



(this is required for certification, depending on your individual discipline’s requirements). Mandatory & optional items are listed below. Please collect & provide to your TABLE LEAD by the end of the BaCHE program in June.

  • Teaching philosophy (mandatory)
  • Teaching activities (listed for past year - mandatory)
  • Six (6) Evaluations from #4 section above (mandatory - doesn’t matter which type, as long as there are six)
  • Patient care philosophy (optional) Reflection on impact of interprofessional participation on BaCHE activities (optional)
  • List of current mentees/mentors for educational/academic activities (optional)



These are archival forms from the overall evaluation. (Not required!)