Rick Tivis


Rick-Tivis.jpgRick Tivis graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a BA in psychology and the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center with a Master of Public Health specializing in biostatistics and epidemiology. He is a bio-statistician with 25+ years of experience in health-related research, mostly funded by National Institute of Health (NIH). Currently, he has a joint appointment serving as the statistician for the Boise VA Medical Center, Center of Excellence in Primary Care (CoEPCE) and a Research Associate Professor and Assistant Director of the Idaho Center for Health Research at Idaho State University.

At the CoEPCE, Mr. Tivis is part of the interprofessional team that delivers education focused on team-based care in the primary care setting. Since early in the funding cycle of the Boise CoEPCE, he has been a part of the evaluation group, tasks with evaluating all aspects of the team-based care delivery model for primary care. He also serves as a design and analytic resource to the Curriculum of Inquiry’s research and QI projects. At ISU, he teaches research to graduate counseling students. He is also the co-director of the ISU/St Luke’s Post-Doctorial Fellowship in Applied Research. This program trains clinical researchers to develop projects in cooperation with front-line practitioners. Mr. Tivis also serves as the statistical editor for the interprofessional Journal of Pediatric Rehabilitation as well as actively publishing and presenting with colleges on various topics including medical education, health activity tracking, integrated spine care, nursing mothers, community health screening and substance abuse. As an applied statistician, he continues to develop his skills in data mining, big data analytics, and complex mixed modeling. Mr. Tivis is an advocate for community health care access issues, putting advocacy into action as a founding and current board member of the Canyon County Community Clinic.


mailto: rick.tivis@va.gov

Phone: 208-422-1000, Ext- 7979