What is the PACT ICU?

PACT ICU (Patient Aligned Care Team Interprofessional Care Update) is an interprofessional care conferences that allow members of primary care teams to get together on a regular basis to proactive identify and coordinate care for patients that they identify to be high-risk or high-need.

Why did we choose to implement innovation?

High-risk, high need patients have a large impact on healthcare resources. Health care teams need structured workplace learning opportunities to develop skills in collaboration for more effective communication to improve coordination for these and other patients. This provides opportunities to improve care for patients that are discussed, as well as for the team to better understand roles and responsibilities to improve overall team functioning.

Training goals and objectives:

  • Understand all the elements (bio-psycho-social) that must be considered in high-risk/high-need patients
  • Understand the roles that each team member can play in the coordination of care for complex patients
  • Video example of PACT ICU conference
    The Patient Aligned Care Team Interdisciplinary Care Update (PACT ICU) uses a team-based approach to address challenging patients. Watch the following example of how one of these case conferences works.
  • Executive Summary PACT ICU
    This is 2-page document summarizing providing an overview of the conference, supporting evidence and trainee experiences.