Learning Goals & Objectives

Rationale/Problems Addressed

  • There is a need for improvements in helping patient self-manage the constellation of problems stemming from chronic disease. Patient Education, sources of support, and motivation are all common issues that can be addressed in shared visits.  Trainees can benefit from the experience and skills gained from participating in SMAs.

Competencies fulfilled (IPEC)

  • IPEC RR3: Engage diverse professionals who complement one’s own professional expertise, as well as associated resources, to develop strategies to meet specific health and healthcare needs of patients and populations. 

Core domains covered

  • Sustained Relationships:  The team of trainees works together over the academic year to provide care and education to a group of patients over six visits. Patients have continuity with the trainees one of which is their “coach” who assists them throughout the series.
  • Interprofessional Collaboration: Teams of interprofessional trainees work together to plan, execute and evaluate each SMA visit. They collaboratively provide clinical expertise via patient-level education, self-management skills, and effective goal setting.