Description & Implementation

What need are you fulfilling at your site?  Your site-specific need will frame
implementation decisions.

  • Use a shared need in your patient population to garner stakeholder “buy-in” during early phases.  This will help immensely with space and equipment needs. Some common shared needs that SMAs can serve:
  1. Patient access to care
  2. Quality metric is below benchmark
  3. Prevention of poor outcomes
  4. Education gap in the population
  5. Patient population conducive to peer support
  6. Meeting interprofessional training needs


Considerations for gathering stakeholder support

  • Identify SMA “champions” who help with logistics, training, and resource management
  • Provide stakeholders with information about how SMAs can help meet accreditation standards (Joint Commission and/or training programs’ accreditation)
  • Using knowledge of the needs of a patient population compared with quality measures or other data in the institution, demonstrate how an SMA can bridge the quality gap in that population.