Team Leadership Development for Residents

SGIM Annual Meeting 2016

Workshop: Learning to "walk the walk": Teaching resident physicians to be both effective members and leaders of interprofessional health care teams.




  • UCSF Interprofessional Education modules - YouTube
    • Module 1 - What is it all about? Introducing core interprofessional concepts
    • Module 2 - Who is on my team? Understanding roles, responsibilities and abilities of different professions
    • Module 3 - How will out work get done? Understanding communication, accountability and task distribution
    • Module 4 - How to tackle challenges: Conflict management and negotiation
    • Module 5 - How can we work together? Leadership and Membership
  •  Team Stepps -

Further Reading:

  • The Interprofessional Health Care Team: Leadership and Development. Donna Weiss, Felice Tilin, Marlene Moran. Jones and Bartlett Learning. 2014
  • Are we at risk of groupthink in our approach to teamwork interventions in health care? Kaba A, Wishart I, Fraser K et al. Medical Education 2016; 50 (400-408).